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Dec 1 2007 / Aaron

Toy Story

I have so many toys of late. More than I know what to do with.

My new work phone is a fancy new BlackBerry with GPS in it which is super cool. It’s really a marvelous phone. With the data connection and GPS, I can pull up live maps of my location — basically, as long a I have the phone on me I cannot get lost! Knowing that gives me a strangely empowering feeling. Email, web, phone, and location all at my fingertips!

Then, last week, Christine surprised me with an iPhone for my birthday! WOW! The thing is ridiculously marvelous. I’ve hacked it and got it to work with my vodafone SIM card. I don’t yet know if I’ll end up using it as my primary phone. The BlackBerry has much better integration with the office (Exchange) than the iPhone. The Blackberry’s full keypad is a lot better for typing text than the iPhone’s touch-screen, which lacks the tactile feedback. On that note, the iPhone is not as good an iPod as a regular iPod — again because it lacks the tactile feedback of real buttons. I often listen on shuffle, and when I want to skip a song, I can just fumble the button for next track in my pocket. This isn’t possible on the touch screen. Besides that issue, everything else about it is super cool.

I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of XBox lately — almost exclusively Call of Duty 4, with a bunch of coworkers. Before CoD4 it was Gears of War, Halo3, BioShock, NHL2008, and PGR4. Some buddies gave me Mass Effect for my birthday, which I don’t think I’ll even touch until the new year as it will need my full attention. Right now, I just can’t stop playing CoD4 on live, as it’s just too much fun.

Christine surprised me with a big geeky xbox birthday party over at Kevin’s place. We all got sauced and played xbox ’til the wee-mornin’ hours. I know, big xbox party and an iPhone. She’s a super-wife 😀


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  1. bryce / Dec 3 2007

    I have a iPhone too and love it, if you want to skip to the next song you can double click on the mic button…

  2. kenneth / Dec 3 2007

    If you ever get tired of the iPhone… I’ll buy it.

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