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Oct 28 2007 / Aaron


It’s a long weekend here in Ireland. I got in a pretty full day yesterday; Woke up, played a few hours of Halo 3, showered, went out and bought some socks, lunch, and coffee. I ordered a copy of Leopard from the Apple store, caught up on some overdue emails, and had an iChat with the folks. My dad was showing off the new blue-screen iChat effects in Leopard, which was good for a giggle.

I put in a few extremely productive hours coding some work related tournament features. I really don’t like the open-office style we have at work. That noisy environment, coupled with constant interruptions in the form of meetings, emails, requests, questions, means I rarely get any actual productive coding done. Coding requires so much deep concentration. You have to hold a lot of abstract context in your head, and interruptions effectively wipe that all away. In just a few hours of quiet focus I wrote more code than I probably would write all week at the office. I really ought to find a way to work a day a week from home.

In the evening, Christine and I went out and saw Stardust, an entertaining, if predictable, fairy tale.

Today I think I will make an attempt to get that pesky movie made, and when I tire of Halo 3, I just might dig into some CRON-o-Meter work. I’ve got a bunch of feature submissions from other coders to integrate. Unfortunately, the multi-user code has a bug in it and it doesn’t upgrade people’s old settings properly. So I’ll have to track down and fix that before I can let it loose in the wild. I would also like to track down the elusive bug that can cause people’s food history to become erased. I’ve only had a few reports of it happening, so all I can do is try to make the saving more robust to errors and make automatic backups. It happened to Christine the other day, and I think it was because she was out of disk space.

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  1. kenneth / Nov 3 2007

    Man, the open space sucks, I agree, I cant pick my nose… lol

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