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May 1 2003 / Aaron

IJCAI paper prize. W00t!

More delightful poker news to report. First, our group’s latest paper won the distinguished paper award for the IJCAI conference. And a new book about Las Vegas and Poker came out recently called Positively Fifth Street which is a journalist’s story about entering the world series of poker and making it all the way to the final table. He has a bout 3 or 4 pages in it that discusses our research group and has a few quotes from Darse. All in all, a pretty cool week for the poker group. I’ve been coding a new pre-flop system for our new top-secret heads-up bot, which has been keeping me quite busy. Let me just say it: There are not many days left in the world where humans are the best limit heads-up poker players [insert evil, maniacal laughter here].

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