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Oct 13 2007 / Aaron

Gamer Thumb

With the release of Halo 3, I finally broke down a few weekends ago and bought me an XBox 360. I’ve now got a big blister on my left thumb, I’m affectionately terming ‘Gamer Thumb’. Because of the promotion at the store, I ended up getting Gears of War thrown in to the bundle for free, which was very impressive. Better than Halo 3 in many ways.

We alo picked up EA Sports NHL 2008, which is frighteningly realistic — playing it looks and sounds remarkably like watching hockey night in canada, complete with realistic, meaningful commentary. Quite impressive. It’s helped as a salve on Christine’s homesickness for Canadiana.

I’m still trying to perfect my fractal animation. I have about 352 frames rendered as PNG files. I’m trying to find some decent software that will take those frames and generate a quicktime movie out of them. I found one called Framed, which works, except there are no quality or compression settings. It turned my 130 MB of lossless PNG frames into a 200mb movie of poor quality and full of compression artifacts that ruin the whole experience.

Anyone know of some simple software to take numbered PNG files and generate movie (flash, mpeg, quicktime, I don’t care) that looks good? Or am I going to have to write one myself?


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  1. J / Oct 15 2007

    This might do it:

    Since I hear you bill out at $100 per hour it’d better take you less than 40 mins to make your own…hmmm, unless you enjoy yourself–not sure your rate for that. Besides, this little prog looks neat.

    And look what you can get for five hours of your time!


  2. Judith / Oct 19 2007

    Aaron, I passed your question on to my youngest son (MR’s brother), who is a web designer. He responds:

    He can use QuickTime pro on a mac to do this easily.
    Any video suite is also capable. If he does not have this software/computer, if he’s in Canada, he could probably go into any London Drugs and do it while they were busy.

    Hope this is of some use! JD 🙂

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