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Sep 26 2007 / Aaron

Busy Loop

It’s been a long while since I last posted — in August, Christine’s mother & sister visited us for two weeks, which kept us quite busy. Then my parents just visited for the past two weeks as well — they just left for home this morning. Consequently, I’ve been too distracted of late to bother posting. I’ll try to rectify that pronto.

I’m messing around with a cool Buddhabrot animation project. I’m making a little movie while walking arond parameter and dwell space. I’ve been tweaking the path for days now. Even making a very low quality preview takes hours. Once I’m happy with the animation, I’ll set it crunching the high-quality rendering, which may take a few weeks…


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  1. Tim R / Sep 26 2007

    From what I have seen of your Buddhabrot images before that will be quite a movie.

    I used to be really into fractals. It is cool what you can find and how different areas, while similar in theme are infinitely variable as well.

    If your computer is crunching away, perhaps another blog break in your future?

  2. J / Sep 27 2007

    Nice! I say any good fractal takes at least 24 hours to generate. This means of course that new domains have to be found as hardware gets faster. Thanks for keeping teh fractals fresh.

  3. Judith / Oct 2 2007

    Glad you’re back, Aaron. I look forward to new posts. How’re you making out with healthy eating in Dublin? Aubrey de Grey and MR’s book just came out, BTW and it’s great! JD 🙂

  4. Kenneth / Oct 12 2007

    Hey this is the web Aaron! LOL not hard to find. I’ll review your site fully and give you a report on monday… Have a good weekend!

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