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Aug 12 2007 / Aaron

Tourist Overload

I’ve been doing some serious travelling the past few weeks — Paris, Berlin, and Prague. I am touristed right out. Visiting all these big cities with their throngs of tourists makes Europe feel like one big museum. It will take me a little while now before I feel like I need to see another old building, museum, or hop-on-hop-off tour-bus. Nevertheless, it’s been fun to see what all the fuss is about and soak up some cultural ambiance and history.

Paris was lovely. I had fun practicing my broken french (10 years of French classes and I still can barely string together a sentence with my petit vocabulaire). We didn’t see any of the anticipated ‘rude parisians’ you hear so much about. In fact, all the locals we met were very friendly.

Berlin was very modern and industrial. Many parts felt similar to Edmonton, probably because a lot of the construction is of the same era. The Skinny Puppy show there was great, except for some sound problems that put the band on tilt a little. I also got me a Berlin hair cut.

We took a four hour train ride to Prague, which is such a nice way to travel. Prague was really cool looking, but seemed to be brimming over with tourists, to the point it felt a little suffocating. I found it very hard to learn the basics czech language — both hard to remember and tricky to get the pronounciation right. It wasn’t necessary since everyone spoke great English, but I feel like a douche if I can’t use at least some basic pleasantries as a foreign visitor. It was awesome picking up the bill at restaurants — so cheap! A pint of beer costs about €1, and a full three-course meal for the two of us, including drinks could be found for €20. In Berlin, I paid €25 for a Skinny Puppy t-shirt. At the Prague show, I bought three t-shirts and a cap for €50. The Prague show was better than the Berlin show — the sound still had a few glitches, but the volume was better and the show had more energy. It was a bit shorter than the Berlin show. They didn’t play Ugli for some reason, and the Encore was shorter too.

Good times. As per usual, check Christine’s blog for more in-depth notes and pictures. I’m too lazy. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures:

View of cute couple from prague castle Some gate thingy in Prague Aaron lost in Prague gothchick.JPG bombedchurch.JPG eiffel-at-night.jpg Aaron at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin


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  1. Deborah / Aug 12 2007

    Great pics. You’ve gone to three of my favorite cites. what a great trip it must have been. Prague architecture is what really blew me away. 11 centuries represented in one square. One of the few European cities that was never destroyed by war. Too bad it was so crowded. It is great to get off the tourist path though and find the local places.


  2. d / Aug 13 2007

    geez, now the haircut too. you’re starting to look downright… respectable.

    what next? are going to start brushing your teeth too? 😉

    maybe you should photoshop the gothchick in front of the gothchurch.

  3. Dave / Aug 16 2007

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  4. midas / Sep 24 2007

    hello Aaron and Christine,

    fancy a week-end in the u.k ?

    let me know

    love from Christian & Benita

  5. Andy / Sep 25 2007

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