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Jul 23 2007 / Aaron

fixed action set in motion what to hide red carpet ride!

You can’t believe how ridiculously excited I am right now. And relieved.

We’re going to see Skinny Puppy in Berlin on August 7th and then again in Prague on the 9th.

It was a quite an ordeal getting the tickets. I ordered them off a german website with minimal english and wasn’t even sure if they’d show up or not. They arrived in Dublin by registered mail and you have to sign for them. Last monday the doorbell woke me up. I was too dazed to get up in time and the postman left a delivery notice saying I could pick up the letter from the sorting depot in Blackrock the next day.

So on Tuesday morning we drove down to the depot and they searched around for the letter a good 15 minutes before giving up. The computer system was reporting that it was there, but they couldn’t find it. Gulp! They suggested it might be out on the truck again and to call them the next day. So Wednesday rolled around and I eagerly rang them to see if there was any news. Same again Thursday and Friday. Nada. I was starting to panic. While a trip to Berlin is cool in and of itself, I was starting to get the sinking feeling that we might get locked out of the concert. Well this morning they found them! WOOOOOHOOO!!!!

Skinny Puppy in Berlin



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  1. bill / Jul 23 2007

    Gezundheit! Skeiniker Puppe! Voy oh voy! Machen die funlish, nein? Ja!

  2. d / Jul 24 2007

    that’s nice.

    btw, we won.

  3. bill / Jul 24 2007

    D. “… we won.” I’m assuming that means the human vs. Polaris the poker playing computer . If so, big congrats to you and the team at U of Alberta! I mean it.

  4. Tracy / Dec 13 2007

    hi there!

    happy to share in your enthusiasm of the most awesome live band ever!

    I too was at the Prague show! and was fortunate to see them in Toronto, Montreal, NYC, Vienna, Prague and Budapest.
    you’re post put such a smile on my face!

    brap on bro!

    hugs from Canada,


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