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Jul 22 2007 / Aaron

CRON-o-Meter 0.9.1

I tried a little something today — while fixing some bugs that snuck into 0.9.0, I whipped up a Java Web Start version for people to try out:

This launches CRON-o-Meter right off my website, without any installer. It always launches the most recent version. It will only work with Java 5 or later, so Mac OS X users running several versions behind the curve won’t be able to run this without upgrading to a newer version of OS X.

I’m curious to see how well it works for people, so please try it and let me know if it looks good. I’m especially curious to see if it fixes the Windows Vista issue someone commented about earlier.

I’ve received two donations to the CRON-o-Meter project since activating donations on sourceforge. Thanks!


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  1. bill / Jul 23 2007

    Very cool.

  2. Tony / Jul 24 2007


    The “Launch” button works well on my Vista machine. When I clicked it, there was progress bar. The new version of CRON-o-meter launched after that. The minor bugs that I reported are fixed. I found it interesting that the code updated itself in the default installation directory. I wonder if it would have been so smart if I had chosen a custom directory.

    Great job.

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