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Jul 7 2007 / Aaron

By Request

Vanessa asked:

Anyways, still reading, keep posting. Last diet/CRON post was from March – any new thoughts or developments?

Yeah…. I’ve been eating like crap lately, and not been tracking very well. I’ve not been overeating, but I have lost that fine control over my diet that I had previously. The main difficulty is that I spend a lot of time at the office — and the office is extremely well supplied with free snack food. We also get cooked a free gourmet lunch. I tend to go for the fish and veggie entrees and the soups and salads, but I have to portion by eye, and have no clue how much oil is in the sauces.

And then there’s the social lifestyle of Ireland, which involves pubs, pubs, and pubs. A pint or two here and there adds up fast.

That said, I’ve managed to maintain a fairly steady weight and I’m starting to get more exercise. About 45 minutes of brisk walking per day on the way to work and back, and this week I even played basketball with some co-workers and some folks from the Dell office which is across the street from us.

I’ve got a buncha CRON-o-Meter stuff done for the next version — just a tiny bit of work left to wrap it up, but it’s been hard to find the time to do it.

Two weekends ago I bought a Wii, which isn’t helping matters.

Currently listening to: John Zorn: Masada.

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