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Jun 30 2007 / Aaron

Ode to a small lump of snail I found in my armpit one midsummer morning

Irish Snail

Dublin in the spring has HUGE snails all over the place. They are so awesome, with their little antenna eyes and the way they just glide across walls and shrivel up into their shell if you frighten them. Here’s a big guy I found sliming the garden wall in our backyard.

Irish Snail


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  1. d / Jul 1 2007

    awwww, he’s so cute, sliding by that two-by-four.

    Woah WHAAAA? Time invent snail baseball!

  2. Vanessa / Jul 3 2007

    So cute, until the neotenous form (kinda) known commonly as SLUG slides over and eats it. Just not as cute without the shell, no starring roles in children’s literature…

    Anyways, still reading, keep posting. Last diet/CRON post was from March – any new thoughts or developments?

  3. Vanessa / Jul 3 2007

    ps: hi chin! 🙂

  4. b / Jul 3 2007

    Thats hot and stuff, but lets put a little more effort into this blog or else i will stop subscribing to it. Im kidding… but seriously.

  5. Patrick S. / Jul 4 2007

    Those little critters are not to be looked at when hungry, yummy!

  6. james / Oct 21 2008

    is that a special species of snail that has four eyes?

  7. Tim R. / Oct 23 2008

    Great shot. Love the Hitch Hikers guide reference.

    No poetry, okay?

  8. let_me_know / Sep 2 2011

    nice snail.
    I am thinking of using the image
    to print in a shirt.
    Assuming that I can sell even one at all,
    I am offering 0.01% of the profit [1/10,000].
    Please send me an email.
    [It wouldn’t be exactly the same on the shirt.]

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