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May 24 2007 / Aaron

Yet More Travelling

Tomorrow morning, fellow Tilter Kevin and I are flying to Lisbon. Kevin is a massive fan of Dave Matthews Band, so we’re going to see them play in Lisbon Friday night. We’ll do some sight seeing on the Saturday and then Sunday morning fly to Brussels and see Dave Matthews Band play there as well. Again, Monday we’ll hang out in Brussels and fly back to Dublin that night. Did I mention Kevin saw Dave Matthews Band play last night in Dublin? Yes, he is a big fan. This will be interesting since I can probably hum maybe one of their songs, if that. Anyhoo, looking forward to a whirlwind action packed four day trip. Christine’s sitting this one out as she’s back in Edmonton visiting family and packing up our house.

I have a monster backlog of e-mails I haven’t replied to lately. If you’re one of the poor souls who has been wondering why I never email you back, rest assured I will feel guilty about ignoring them when I get back too. I mean, I hope I’ll find some time to start replying when I get back next week.


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  1. bill / May 24 2007

    Lisbon! Whew. I hope you get to see the Dave Matthews Band. I hear they’re playing there. [gnyuk, gnyuk]. HAVE FUN!

  2. saxini / May 28 2007

    you dont know me and i dont know you..
    But i was in the same concert than you.. in Lisbon..
    What do you think about the concert?
    What was the best of the performances that you saw of Dave Matthews Band?
    Greetings nad a big hug

  3. J / May 28 2007

    Dave Matthews huh. Well Kevin there will need to go with you to a Puppy show as, er, retribution.

    I know you and you know me (bee).


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