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May 13 2007 / Aaron

We should totally turn a monkey into a human

A recent genetics article got the mad scientist in me thinking. Chinese scientists have identified one of the mutations in human DNA that causes an important structural difference in the brain between old world monkeys and humans. The mad scientist in me wants to genetically engineer a monkey with this mutation, and as we discover more of these important mutations, continue adding them until we’ve step-by-step engineered a monkey into a pseudo-human.

Okay, totally unethical.

But maybe we can someday gene-hack a Chihuahua into a Bulldog, showing how each small mutation can cause large physiological changes. As much was achieved through selective breeding on a much smaller time-scale than human evolutionary history, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

And then after that, monkey-dogs. Mwuahahahahhaha.


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  1. Samuel / May 13 2007

    Word. I always wanted a pseudo-human to boss around…

    “Hey, Pseudo-Bitch, go get me a soda!”

  2. d / May 14 2007

    I think Sam is confusing the pseudo command with the sudo command:

  3. J / May 15 2007

    I’m in.

  4. John / May 16 2007

    Hello Aaron.

    I don´t know where else to post this:

    I have been using the CRON-O-METER a lot, and it is a great program. Recently my JAVA program updated itself, and now I cannot get CRON-O-METER to run. The computer says something about msvcr71.dll not beeing found. What can I do?


  5. SPAMbot / May 16 2007

    hows it going mate,

    since when did you cross the big pond? i take it you’ve left the PA team?


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