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Apr 26 2007 / Aaron

Takin it easy on the side

Not much to say for now, but I thought I’d post to keep the cobwebs off the site. Outside of work, I’ve been pretty lazy this past week. No coding on side-projects, or blog posts obviously. Keen readers might note that I did have time to make this page background a darker blue. I much prefer it.


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  1. d / Apr 27 2007

    It lives.

    (I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about it.)

  2. bill / Apr 29 2007

    For someone who has been working as hard a you have and who has been living so fully, a fallow week is probably a darned good thing.

  3. Tom / Jun 6 2007

    Hmmm.. you don’t seem to have an easy way to be notified when your pages have dead links…

    on your poker page, you linked to a “really fast evaluator”, however the host pulled the plug on the account and you get a generic ISP search page — found it on the wayback machine, however, so you might want to grab a copy and rehost it for this guy*/

    (feel free to delete this comment as it doesn’t really apply to your blog, but do let me know you saw it — I’m looking for some server-side code for hosting my own poker game for me and a few friends)

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