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Mar 14 2003 / Aaron

Internet Book List

I want to draw your attention to The Internet Book List, a site which strives to build a free public database of works of fiction — much like the IMdb but without the selling out. On such a site, people can review and rate books, and look up information using powerful database queries. The IMdb has shown us how powerful this can be for movies. Such a site needs lots of users to get off the ground and build up a good database and community. If you love books like me, I urge you to log on and add a few books, plus rate as many books as you can. Such a database currently suffers (and will for some time) from the early adoption of geeks factor — namely most of the novels in the database are science fiction or fantasy. If you’re not a geek then it’s all the more important to go over there and help balance things out.

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  1. clong / Oct 26 2005

    We’ve made a lot of progress in the last two years. . . over 34,000 books and almost 12,000 authors in the database, and almost 8,000 registered site users.

    Coming soon will be adding non-fiction and the ability to differentiate different editions of works. If you haven’t checked out the site for a while, please come take a look!

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