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Mar 10 2007 / Aaron

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Well it has been another roller-coaster couple of weeks at work. Unfortunately, that leads me little to blog about. It’s not that I have nothing interesting to talk about — but it would be inappropriate to blog about work here, so I can’t. Oh but if I could, there is so much to say!

I’m loving my new breakfast concoction: MegaPorridge.

30g Whole rolled oats, 10g Raisins, 10g Goji Berries, and a 15g mix consisting of Hemp Protein, Flax Seeds, Sunflower seeds, Wheat Germ, and Brewers Yeast to bump up the nutrition. Cooked with water and then topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, brown sugar, and skim milk. It’s soooo good. I would eat it three times a day if I could.

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  1. Mother of MR / Mar 13 2007

    Hello, Aaron! I’ve finally listened to MR and have started using CRON-o-Meter. It’s just excellent! I’m not doing CR, but want to make sure we’re getting good nutrition and staying reasonably Zoned and your program is certainly going to help us on our journey. Thank you! (BTW, your breakfast sounds really yummy!) JD 🙂

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