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Mar 10 2003 / Aaron


So yah, I haven’t posted anything in a few days. The short answer for the absence: Civilization-III. Uhg. My coworkers and I are battling in a heated civ-by-e-mail game that will last until the heat-death of the universe. Of course, I need to ‘research’ strategies by playing single player games against the computer. Eleven hours of frantic clicking later I’m the germans, and only a few points behind the only two other surviving civilizations, the grumpy russians, and the arrogant americans. I hit the 2050-AD time limit about five turns away from achieving the space victory. How depressing.

In other news, I’m excited that apple finally released Java 1.4.1 for MacOS X. Now they are finally “caught up” to the latest version, and hopefully the lag time will be reduced for future versions.

Checking google, I am the #1 “Aaron Davidson” in the world. But I am nowhere near the top Aaron. was ranked 19th today for spaz. Obviously that I am not #1 for all of them signifies something deeply wrong with google’s algorithms. Hopefully time will show google the error of its ways.

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