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Feb 17 2007 / Aaron

Hot Cocoa

This weekend I’m tinkering around with learning cocoa programming (native Mac OS X coding). I’ve been a mac user since the early 90’s, and used to code lots of Mac programs back in the day, for Mac OS Classic. In 1999 I switched to working mainly in Java. I’ve never actually written a native Mac OS X program in all this time. So today I’m working through some tutorials on making basic GUIs wih Apple’s interface builder, and wiring up the plumbing in XCode with Objective-C. Moof!

It’s a little break from my normal weekend of CRON-o-Meter tinkering.


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  1. bill / Feb 17 2007

    This could prove interesting. How do you find xcode compiling on the fly and all that?

  2. Deborah / Feb 19 2007

    Love my MAC..and you brilliant programmers who do the coolest things.
    How ’bout a COM Widget???


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