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Feb 11 2007 / Aaron

Little Buddha

I added a new page for the buddhabrot to my site today. It includes an applet that renders it (slowly), along with the source code. While I was playing around I experimented with a different rendering tweak and got the following image after a running a few hours:

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  1. bill / Feb 11 2007


  2. J / Feb 17 2007

    Nice! (Directed at the universe, not you Aaron.) I like the yellowish edges. It looks kinda like you got water droplets on your lens.

  3. Rob / Sep 24 2007

    For all the values that do less than infinity iterations (pixels not in the Mandelbrot set), you’re supposed to increment the brightness of each pixel that Z lands on. I think this is what you get if you don’t exclude the points that are in the Mandelbrot set. Or maybe you only included the pixels in the Mandelbrot set, i don’t know, but it looks like what i got when i tried to do Buddhabrot for the first time.

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