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Feb 11 2007 / Aaron

Lazy Sunday

As much as SNL can suck, it’s still worth watching for moments like Laser Cats and of course, Lazy Sunday.
I’m having a classic lazy sunday. Of course, my idea of a lazy sunday is sleeping in, then drinking lots of coffee and writing software all day. This is pretty much what I do all week, except I don’t sleep in, and I write software in an office and don’t get to decide what type of software I work on. At home, I tinker away with CRON-o-Meter and other little toy programs. Perhaps a tad too much time in front of the screen…

Currently Listening to The Fountain [Soundtrack] by Clint Mansell. (Which was a kick-ass movie BTW, watch it: [trailer])


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  1. d / Feb 16 2007

    omg nbc sux ass wit adpuke

    did u know about the sequel?

    omg cronic(what?)cles rox! thx for dat
    wit weird al, rap parody is an art form!

  2. Chris / Feb 16 2007

    Oh, sweet zombie jesus, that was a lot more amusing than I expected; I was ogling your Buddhabrot code elsewhere, then decided on a whim to click through on the Lazy Sunday clip; I loved it 🙂

    It makes me want to hit the M.C. Hawking tracks again.

  3. d / Feb 17 2007

    do you mean M.C. Escher, perhaps?
    from Weird Al’s classic White & Nerdy:

  4. Chris / Feb 18 2007

    No, I mean M.C. Hawking.

    The difference is a subtle one, I’ll grant you, but if you look closely enough I’m confident you’ll pick out the dissimilarites.


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