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Feb 8 2007 / Aaron

A shout-out to my UofA homeys

The University of Alberta (where I was studied) has been in the news lately over a potential breakthrough in fighting cancer. DCA, is a small compound that messes up glycolysis, that fast-growing tumors rely on to supply energy. When glycolysis is disrupted, the normally suppressed mitochondria are re-activated. The mitochondria can then trigger cell-apoptosis, the self-destruction the cell. This is possibly one reason why low-calorie, low-sugar intake has been shown to help slow down and in some cases reduce some cancers. Malignant tumors need a lot of glucose in order to grow. The problem with DCA is that it is not patentable — so no big pharmaceutical company will touch it, let alone spend millions running clinical trials. They can’t profit from it. DCA human trials are going to be publicly funded.


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  1. bill / Feb 9 2007

    Once again big pharmaceuticals show their colours. Kudos, UofA. Thanks for the heads-up, Aaronski.

  2. David N Ross / Feb 10 2007

    As one who is trying to trick his cancer into submission, this is great news. Wish I lived in Edmonton to volunteer for the trials.

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