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Jan 20 2007 / Aaron


Uh-oh, I think this is rapidly turning into a developer blog. I find this stuff easy to write about. I hope it doesn’t bore non-geek people to death. I’ve been sitting on the couch in my undies this morning working on CRON-o-Meter. I’m upgrading the food database to the latest USDA sr19 release, and adding values for Choline, Flouride, and Caffeine. The tricky bit is that they decided to delete some foods that were in sr18. Now I have to deal with a tricky issue when a older version of CRON-o-Meter upgrades, if the user has included any of those foods in their logs or recipies, how do I handle it? I could just remove all the references from the user’s history, but that seems rude. I think what I will do is warn the user, but keep the old food references and data, but remove those deprecated foods from active use so that they can no longer show up in searches.

CRON-o-Meter is like a personal hobby playground to try out new technologies. Back when Chris and I started building the original program, we tinkered with a lot of tools like Maven, HSQLDB, and JIRA.

I’m planning to try out two cool Java layout managers: MigLayout and DesignGridLayout. I do all the layout programmatically, so good layout managers are important to me.

I probably won’t get to play too much more today — We’re moving to our new apartment in Stillorgan this afternoon, and then heading out to meet some people for drinks tonight at a pub in Blackrock.

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  1. d / Jan 29 2007

    dev, schmev — at least it was *something*.

    (keep striving for good taste, boyo. people can kinda sorta recognize it sometimes, even if they’re not able to generate it themselves).

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