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Jan 13 2007 / Aaron


Ever have one of those dreams where you’re running from something and somehow the viscosity of the unvierse has been dialed up to 11 and you barely make any ground? Well it was like that last night as I was walking to the office in the extreme winds we’re getting lately. I was at a 45 degree angle in a full-on sprint, yet taking only inches of ground. As I rounded the corner I got the wind at my back and proceeded to hop along the sidewalk like an apollo moon hopper. I giggled all the way.

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  1. Miss Ness / Feb 28 2007

    your blog just made me giggle…this was written about the same time I got “mary poppin”ed off the ground about 5 or 6 inches trying to walk from work to the carriage way. Scared the hell out o’ me. Haven’t been able to handle wind ever since… I know, I’m an LA wimp…but let me see how you do in a 7.0 earthquake and I’m sure it will even out:) So while you gigle all the way…I cab it on windy days;)

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