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Dec 2 2006 / Aaron

Programming with threads runs in the family

My Pa has his website up again. Check out his galleries, in particular his newest creation, the flying carpet. The photos don’t do it justice, but have a look at the close-ups to see the stitching detail. He’s been working on it for years and just recently finished it. It’s #!$@’n marvelous! Also be sure to check out his short movie Paths & Portals, an awesome whirl through the huge body of work he’s produced over the past decade.


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  1. J / Dec 4 2006

    Wow Bill. That’s awesome work. I’ll have to see it in person again now that it’s done. Family heirloom stuff–don’t sell this one.

    Aaron, your post title is not funny.


  2. bill / Dec 4 2006

    Still trying to get it to actually fly, J.. When I do, we’re all going for a ride. /b

  3. Sue Klein Ikkink / Dec 16 2006

    Hello Aaron .. Just checking the blogs to keep up .. good to hear things are interesting! I checked out Bills “flying carpet” it is amazing. I hope all is well .. in my honeymoon town .. that is if we ever get married! but.. we did buy a house in Bakersfield California .. so I can’t complain to much .. US paperwork is the only thing delaying the wedding .. not Craig ..PHEW!! Well anyways I hope all is well say hello to Christine .. Happy New Year !!

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