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Oct 29 2006 / Aaron

The Fog of Moher

Saturday morning Christine, myself, and a friend from work got up dark and early to catch a taxi at 6:15 am to Hueston Station, Dublin, where we started a rail-tour into the West of Ireland. Two trains, and a coach ride, and 7 hours later we arrived at the stunning, world renowned Cliffs of Moher. Here they are in all their majestic glory, towering ominously over the Atlantic:

Cliffs of Moher

Ok, so we got p0wn3d by Irish weather. But we did get a few other stops, including the Bunratty catle which was a fun stop, and many small west coast towns, and the train ride was comfortable. We happily boozed the three hours back to Dublin.

Bunratty CastleSpanish Room in Bunratty CastleDoors were smaller back thenCute Wife by AtlanticCliffs of Moher in Fog


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  1. bill / Oct 29 2006

    Just curious. Are you and Christine developing webbing between your toes?

  2. bill / Oct 29 2006

    Great photos, btw. Post more! Your travelogue was telegraphic in length, but the photos brought it all into focus. 🙂

  3. J / Oct 30 2006

    That fog you see is necessary to maintain the framerates to which you’ve become accustomed. Ireland is a little behind on its universe CPU payments. We expect the situation to improve very soon now.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


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