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Oct 15 2006 / Aaron


I celebrated my one-month mark in Dublin by spending almost all day yesterday playing Oblivion. Bah, what a waste. But hey, I’m level 33 now!

I noticed that CRON-o-Meter downloads have really picked up. From web logs, I can see a rough estimate of how many people launch the software per day and have it set to ‘check for updates’ which queries my web server. It looks like there must be several hundred regular users out there! Wowzahs. I feel bad that I haven’t had the time or energy to work on version 0.4. But did I mention I’m at level 33 in Oblivion?

Bush signed a law on Friday making online gaming kind of illegal in the USA. The biggest online poker site, Party Poker, made the decision to avoid legal risks and drop all American players from their site (probably three quarters of their customer-base). Full Tilt Poker has decided to stay and fight the bill, and continue business as usual. this means we’re expecting a tidal wave of American poker refugees. This is a wild and crazy time to be working in the online poker industry.


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  1. bill / Oct 15 2006

    “This is a wild and crazy time to be working in the online poker industry.”
    But then, your a wild and crazy guy.

  2. bill / Oct 16 2006

    I mean, “you’re a ….”, not “your a ….” [blush]. 😉

  3. darse / Oct 17 2006

    i might be responsible for a trickle of that traffic.
    i’ve been mentioning it on friend’s blogs, to the
    UofA nutrition club, and so on.

    the general concept of dieting is huge. millions
    are fond of the idea. so naturally there are zero
    good diet programs. big markets breed stupid
    solutions. do it right, catch a spark, and it might
    become hugely hugely popular (like, 10 times a
    big as your bathroom habits page). Then 0.01%
    of those people will beg to give you money. You
    could become a multi-thousandaire out of this…

    party has made an enormous collosal blunder.
    this is just about the only way they could lose
    their dominating market share. your stock has
    taken a large jump up, despite the uncertainty.

    that law will likely get crushed in its first trial.
    it violates too many basic rights to be upheld
    in higher courts.

    it’s a lame bluff attempt. naturally FT will call.


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