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Sep 24 2006 / Aaron

CR News

Another CR study has surfaced with some more evidence that CR has a strong preventative effect on Alzheimer’s Disease: Calorie Restriction Attenuates Alzheimer’s Disease Type Brain Amyloidosis in Squirrel Monkeys.

CR has been difficult here this first week, mainly due to the traveling, stress, and abundant socializing and pub-drinking. There are no food places nearby at work, so they bring in a catered lunch every day which is quite nice. There are always several dishes to choose from, and there is usually salad and fruit as well as vegetables. The veggies are great (usually broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots) but they come slathered in butter! Besides the hard-to-avoid high-calorie sauces, once can get some decent nutrition out of the selection, but it’s hard to gauge portions, and with the buffet style, it can be challenging to show restraint. Studies like the above continue to remind me why restraint may well be an excellent investment.


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  1. PatrickS / Sep 26 2006

    Possibly a not too bad investment. One should still be able to remain critical and be a little uneasy, not over confident about CR.

  2. Chris R / Sep 29 2006

    I’d have to second that if CR were an easy fix — I’m automatically suspicious of things that just work far too easily.

    CR isn’t one of those — I’ve seen Aaron’s diet, and I know that I can’t do that. The science looks sound, too, and that’s pretty encouraging. If only I had the willpower to do it 🙂

  3. darse / Sep 29 2006

    Keep in mind that CRON is mostly just an acronym for "good eatin’". Health benefits? Gee, big surprise. :-/

    You actually *do* have the willpower — it isn’t all that tough, really. Your body responds favourably. I’ve been on a semi-CRON since December, and the thing I most often crave is… broccoli. I’m serious! (And I definitely do not love the taste of broccoli).


  4. PatrickS / Oct 3 2006

    CR takes on the appearance of an easy fix after you’ve been doing it for over a year and force of habit has taken a strong hold. Then You ask yourself: am I better off with CR? Not easy to answer if you’ve been eating very well before you began to eat less. CR is admitedly hard when you have to get rid of a few lousy food habits. Yet when you’ve been doing CR for a while and you increase calories a bit, say 250-300 a day, you begin to feel what? better? more energized? Puzzling? It makes you start to think that maybe there is difference, given the same amount of calories, between the energy dissipation of a healthy organism and that of less healthy one. Energy and structure in biology do seem to be powerfully interdependent so that it does not make much sense to say that it is the level of energy itself which compromises the structure but rather that the structure is compromised by something else which progressively worsens the situation when energy is kept at higher levels though in a sound structure energy would maintain the integrity of the (self reparing)structure. Identify those disruptive factors, limit exposure to these, increase energy and you have the recipe for an evolutionary jump if you’re lucky enough to pass your genes.

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