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Aug 22 2006 / Aaron


By the end of this week, I’ll have spent close to 6 of the past 8 weeks in Los Angeles. I kind of feel like I can almost say ‘I’ve lived in LA’, since staying in a hotel for a month is almost like having a tiny apartment with a maid service. So how long do you have to stay somewhere to say you’ve ‘lived’ there?

On Saturday I fly back to Edmonton and mid-September I finally head off to Dublin! Eeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

Christine & I rented a car this weekend and drove out to Santa Barbara for the day. We booked a Prius, because we wanted to test out a Hybrid. But the Prius never came back to the dealer, so they upgraded us to a hot Lexus Hybrid SUV for no extra cost. It was very cool — totally silent on ignition, so hard to tell it was in drive. It had a center computer display full of good geekery, including a GPS navigation system. I spent half the drive playing with it while Christine drove. It proved invaluable for navigating everywhere, since we had very little idea how to get anywhere. I thought it kicked the most ass when I had to pee like crazy and I could use it to find the nearest gas station and easily navigate right to it. Otherwise I would never have even known it was there. In Santa Barbara, we took a touristy trolley tour around the city, did a wine tasting, hung out on the beach, and then had a lovely evening sailboat dinner cruise along the coast.

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