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Aug 4 2006 / Aaron


I’m just finishing up my work week and then Christine & I are hopping in the car and starting the 9 hour drive to Kamloops (we’ll probably stop around midnight somehwere and find a motel or sleep in the car….

Tomorrow is my 10-year High School reunion. Wowzahs! I have not kept in touch with my high-school friends at all, so I’m actually very curious to meet some of them again and find out what the hell happened to them after leaving my unwavering force-field of influence. On Sunday we get to drive allll the way back and then Monday afternoon we fly back down to Los Angeles. My head is spinning from all this travel.

Time to hit the road!

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  1. John / Aug 12 2006

    Hi Aaron,
    I’m interested in you for two reasons.
    Coincidentally, I’ve been looking at the prospects for development of artificial intelligence, and find the current concepts of the nature of the task quite unsatisfactory. I don’t know anyone in the field, and hoped you might be willing to correspond about some of the more abstract issues at stake, or at least point me in the some useful directions.
    More importantly, though, at this point is a question about your google ads. As you know, google does not seem to be very forthcoming about what the actual income generation is from their ad placements until you sign up for one of their programs. Understandable, perhaps, given the possible permutations in ad pricing and site volumes, but I wondered if ads on a niche site such as your own actually generates any money, and if you’ve been able to determine a relationship of the number of visitors to your site to the number of clicks on the ads, to the amount of money generate. Any info you could share might be very helpful to me.

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