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Jul 18 2006 / Aaron

An updatey type of thing

Well, the e-mails are piling up, so I’d better blog something so y’all know I’m still here. This weekend I went to the Universal City theme park with Rob, a fellow new tilter from Dublin. It was a scorching hot day (over 30 degrees Celsius) and the lineups were huge. We had the option to pay double the entry fee and skip to the front of the lines. We opted not too — that was a mistake. It was boiling hot and you had to stand in the hot sun for close to an hour to do a 4 minute ride or show. The Shrek 4D show was kick-ass. The T2 show as cool, but dated. The Jurassic Park boat ride was sort of fun, if you like bad animatronic dinosaurs spitting water at you — although the last 5 seconds of the ride were KICK ASS (a giant T-REX snaps at your head as you go over a huge drop). The biggest disappointment was the Mummy Returns roller coaster ride. The ride was really cool — a roller coaster in the dark, But after waiting for close to an hour in the sun, the ride was really really short — it felt to be about a minute long.

Then on Sunday, myself, Rob, and another new fellow from Dublin went down the Santa Monica Beach. This time, we were prepared for the hot sun. I couldn’t believe how huge-normous the beach is. It just goes on and on for miles. We saw a lady hopping around on pogo-stilts cracking a bull-whip. Ok, that was cool.

I’d have pictures of everything, but my camera is all broke-like.

This week, I’m slowly starting to feel slightly less useless, as I am actually writing tiny bits of code now.

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