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Jul 11 2006 / Aaron

A week in LA

So I’ve been a week in Los Angeles. I’m in an area called Westwood, which is sandwiched between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. The hotel is just a few blocks from the office, which is in a nice area next to UCLA and lots of little shops and restaurants. The wireless internet in my hotel room BLOWS. Other than that, it’s a decent hotel. It has a small gym and a nice outdoor pool. I’ve actually used the gym twice since I got here. *SHOCKING* I might have a bicep or two by the time I leave.

On the weekend, I just wandered around the neighborhood exploring. I walked about for hours. The weather has been absolutely perfect (I guess that’s why millions of people live here). I found a Whole Foods Market and bought some porridge ingredients for breakfasts, and lots of fruit, berries, and cherry tomatoes to feast on in my hotel room.

The office brings in lunch every day, and there’s always a vegetarian option. I’ve actually had little trouble finding healthy choices and have stuck to the CR diet fairly easily here. My last few trips have been to Las Vegas, where finding healthy food is extremely difficult. I was a little worried it’d be the same here, but not at all so. I’ve had dinner out a few times, and take the opportunity for getting some fresh salmon.

Work-wise, I’m still in new-guy mode. I’m still wandering around the code base, documentation, dev-environments, and office hallways like a lost little puppy. But the fog is slowly lifting.

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  1. Arie / Jul 17 2006

    Nice site, came across it when looking for the mandelbrot set, a programmable turing machine might be a nice addition.

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