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Jun 28 2006 / Aaron

CRON-O-Meter v0.3.0

I’ve pumped out version 0.3.0:

  • 30% prettier
  • Automatically notifies you when a new version is released
  • New user settings screen allows easy setting of targets
  • You can hide nutrients you are uninterested in
  • Advanced users can now track Chromium, Biotin, and Choline (no values are in USDA food database, so all values will require manual entry).


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  1. tommy / Jul 1 2006

    Hello! Another CRONie here… congratulations on your success, and MANY THANKS for the software. I’ve downloaded it, and I’ll try it out. I’ve seen other software (f.ex. DWIDP), but they’ve all been duds. Hope you get to keep working on it! We truly need something useful in that department. All the best!

  2. paul graham / Jul 2 2006

    The Google Ads on the CRON-o-meter page are invariably for the myriad of dieting snakeoils out there. It is an unfortunate blight on a page that is a testament to high-minded web2.0 principles, and the demystification and anti-mythology of dieting and healthy eating. You don’t need those pennies, so lose that ad crap, duude.

    Thanks for being part of the solution, and not part of the precipitate.

  3. paul graham / Jul 2 2006

    This software is made by an all-volunteer effort

    If you want to chip in and lend a hand there are lots of things you can do to improve the program.

    Besides programmers, we could use:

    * Technical writing skills to make a user-friendly help manual

    * Custom art work for icons and aesthetics

    * Scientific accuracy — help find errors, bugs, or improve the nutritional analysis

    * A library of food entries that could be shared on the Internet by CRON-o-meter users

    If you wish to contribute, contact aaron [at]

  4. Paul / Aug 19 2006

    Hi I tried to run on MAc OsX (power book and intel macmini). Neither would start up.

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