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Jun 24 2006 / Aaron

Well fed

What a gorgeous day today. Christine & I have been gardening today. We just enjoyed monster salads for lunch. They contained some of the first yields from the vegetable garden — radishes and green onion stalks. YUM. The garden is growing like mad, the soil is so good. I’ve got lettuce, beans, cherry tomatoes, spinach, zuchini, carrots, and mint coming along nicely as well.

It’s berry season so we’ve been snacking (nay, gorging) upon fresh berries all weekend — blueberries, blackberies, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and grapes. Double yum.

Last night we rented the first two discs of season 1 of Lost. We got hooked and watched all eight episodes until 3AM. We’ve recently plowed through a lot of excellent series: Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, Carniv?le, and Rome. Those last three are all HBO shows. Damn those are some good shows. We tend to rent what we can on DVD, but for everything that’s not out yet thank the good internet for bittorrent 🙂

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