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Feb 27 2003 / Aaron


What am I doing lately? Well for starters, working on crazy 3D vector math and protein folding algorithms. That is for work of course, at BioTools Inc..

At home, I’ve been coding a GUI for playing the abstract board game known as Amazons. This is an incredibly beautiful board game that feels a little like a cross between chess and go. It’s new — only about 20 or so years old, and very few people play it so far. The rules are very simple, but the game-play is not. An excellent combination. Anyhoo, I’m making a polished looking java app that will allow online play. It’ll be pretty sweet when it is done. Hopefuly we’ll get a nice little amazons community playing with it.

The last big thing is Civilization III. My coworkers & I are playing a play-by-email game of Civ-III, which will take approximately forever to finish. We’re averaging about 1 turn a day….uhg. For being the least experienced player of the 6 of us, I think I’m doing very good so far.

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