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Apr 5 2006 / Aaron

CR News

While it’s a rather small and fluffy, this study (fluffy news version) provides yet another result indicating CR’s effects are beneficial in humans. The research studied the results of 6-months of Caloric Restriction in humans. It showed improvements in three health indicators. There were measurable reductions in insulin levels, body temperature, and DNA damage.

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  1. darse / Apr 7 2006

    "Collins said it will be a big bonus if the changes help her live longer, too."

    Ya, strictly gravy. (so to speak)

    The study targeted BMI 25-30 (overweight, but not obese). Thus my last 3 months match the 890 kcal group almost exactly. I’m now -20 pounds, with 3 more to go to reach target. It has been easy, so far, and it might become a permanent lifestyle.

    CRON rocks.


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