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Apr 3 2006 / Aaron


Somehow I let a long time pass without posting anything. Ooops. It’s been a mixture of alternating crazy-busy then hedonistically sloth-like. My parents are coming to visit on Thursday — hoorah! I haven’t seen them in a long time. I was also very manly this past week — I fixed our upstairs toilet! It was totally leaking and I totally replaced the whole tank mechanisms all by my self. Today I looked hard and found a hair on my chest.

Saturday, Christine & I dusted off our bikes and went for a ride, as spring is finally arrived here. There’s still plenty of snow, but it is retreating fast. That night we went out dancing at New City Suburbs (your standard goth-industrial-punk club scene). Yesterday was uber-lazy. We got up and went to Humpty’s for a late breakfast (the classic greasy diner style breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and toast) and then lazed around the house the rest of the day feeling bloated and greasy. Christine has started a little blog of her own using her MSN MySpace.


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  1. Joon Chan / Apr 3 2006

    Yo Aaron, its Joon… your first roommate in university… Chris gave me your website at Rod’s Bday… anyway just wanted to drop you a line and say Whats up… congrats on the poker software… we gotta play sometime… email me!

  2. Joon Chan / Apr 3 2006

    shit, i forgot to add my email it..

  3. darse / Apr 4 2006

    Duude, Humpty’s is so passe’. Xan and I went there last week, for the last time. I believe a restaurant should have less grease in the drinking water…

    Barb and Ernie’s is just *sooo* much better, even if you have to drive across town and wait ten minutes to get in. And they have hearty but healthy options. Just don’t tell anyone how good it is, or the line-up will be even longer.


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