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Mar 16 2006 / Aaron

A good night

This morning we went to visit the Gambler’s Book Club, and Gambler’s General Store. Both stores sell Poker Academy so I wanted to check up on them and see how things were going. I picked up a copy of Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, mainly to see what all the fuss is about, as I keep hearing it references in poker circles. Looks like a breezy read, but it might have some pearls of wisdom (but it could also have some insidious errors).

In the afternoon all the PA Rendezvous folks played in a $65 buy-in tournament. Unfortunately, I went out in 9th place when I went all-in with AK and got called by AJ. Naturally, the flop came jack high. This means the Las Vegas tournament circuit put me at a total of $200 in the red.

I played another session of $1-$2 NL tonight and managed to drag a few big pots off of some terrible tourists with deep pockets. I cashed out the session up $107, putting my Vegas No-Limit cash game total at +$99.

And if you do the complicated mathematical analysis, that sets me $101 in the red overall. I might have another quick session tomorrow afternoon before I have to leave for my flight home.

Alan has some pictures from the trip posted here.

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  1. gllglng / Mar 20 2006

    play is over … we have to work … good luck … I hate poker … but I know to play very well with men …

    good luck!!!


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