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Mar 14 2006 / Aaron

PA Rendezvous

Well, the dinner last night went swell. We all had a fantastic time, and there were plenty of laughs to share. We all went around and introduced ourselves, discussing how we got into poker, how we chose our online nicknames, and so on. It was kick-ass meeting all the ‘characters’ from PA Online. Matching up faces to nicknames and online personalities. I’d post the pictures I took, but they didn’t turn out so good and I haven’t asked if the subjects mind to be posted on the net. Lots of others took pictures, so I’ll post links to them when I get them.

Afterwards we played in a tournament at The Orleans. It was a rebuy tournament with incredibly short stacks from the get-go. I had a table full of jammers. It was not unusual to have four players all-in each hand . They were all playing to get lucky and build a big enough stack to play in the post-rebuy stage of the tournament. I decided to not take any rebuys when I busted early as it was looking like it would be very expensive to buy back in and still be very short stacked. So I am out $45 for the buy-in there. I then went and sat in the $1-$2 NL table and quickly lost my $100 buy-in to some unlucky hands (first hand I had JTo vs JKo with a JJ5 flop, and the second hand had my QJ losing to J7o. I jammed with a jack-high flop, but a 7 spiked on the river to bust me). A tough night for poker, so I called it quits and went to bed early. I had been awake over 36 hours, and was starting to see double, so it wasn’t a bad idea to go recharge the batteries.

Today we all went to Harrah’s for an early NL tournament. It was a $50 buy-in with a single $40 add-on/rebuy allowed. I took both and bled slowly without ever really going on any rides. The poker room there was nice — it’s closed off, very clean, and well managed. Lots of WSOP pictures on the walls as well. Next we went to MGM Grand which is just enormous. The poker room there was excellent and some of the dealers were top notch professionals. We played some more $1-$2 NL Hold’em and I cashed out with a small $35 profit. So I’m down $53 in cash games, and down 135 from tournaments. I plan to play some more $1-$2 NL tonight, and hopefully I’ll be able to turn things around. If not, well, that’s Las Vegas for you. I know my EV is much better playing online in my hotel room than down in the casino, but I can do that anytime.

Alan has a great writeup of the events so far at his blog. As per usual, my blog entries are fairly short and general. I don’t like writing so much. Alan’s got awesome detail (he’s been walking around with a pocket recorder to take notes), so you’ll learn a lot more o’er there.

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