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Mar 13 2006 / Aaron

Session 1: +$22

Had some time to kill before the dinner so I went down to the poker room and played a little $1-$2 No-Limit Hold’em. I bought in for $100 and cashed out $122. The final hand of the session was a heartbreaker. I lost $62 to a flush. If I had just folded the moldy batchelor hand (KJo) preflop, I would have cashed out a much nicer session. Unfortunately I limped in middle position, got re-raised a measly $5 by a seasoned veteran at the table, with another caller, so it was easy to see a flop. Unfortunately I connected… He bet $10 on on the flop, I re-raised him $20 more, and the next card made his flush. We both checked, I paid him another $25 on the river to see his flush. Not an unusual hand of poker, by any means, but not a fun way to end the session. But on the bright side, I finished up a little.

I only ran into one PA Online player (“Arizona”) while down there. He was wearing his Poker Academy Shirt and spotted me wearing mine. I expected to see more gathering in the poker room before dinner, but I guess they must be out on the town. Anyhow, off to set up the private dining room!


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  1. Terence / Mar 13 2006

    That can’t be! The Tugger never fails anyone.

  2. evylunowho / Mar 14 2006

    nice 22$ hit and run. Classic

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