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Feb 26 2006 / Aaron

Got PAX?

Today we had our largest tournament yet on Poker Academy Onlin — 60 players. It was an 8-PAX buy-in, so it was the largest prize pool we’ve had yet, I think. The game ran fine without any hiccups, so I’m happy to see it pass that mild stress test. Next week, I imagine we’ll probably have a tournament with over 100 players.

I’ve finally put up a user-friendly info and download page for CRON-O-Meter. If I can claw myself away from PA Online, I just might post v0.1.9 sometime soon….

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  1. Chris / Mar 25 2006

    Aaron, I’ve downloaded your CRON app and was wondering how to import foods. I’m currently using DWIDP and have entered in a number of my own foods, was wondering how to imiport them into your CRON app. Any help would be greatly welcomed.

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