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Feb 10 2006 / Aaron

The CR Calculator

Saw a post on the CR Society mailing list recently about a cool little CR calculator. According to the calculator, I’m currently practicing 20% CR. This would be considered moderate CR. Severe CR is 40%, but thats only typically done with laboratory animals and the most hard-core fanatical CR’d humans. Methinks this little calculator needs to be added to the ‘o-meter 🙂

Worked from 9am to 10pm today…. straight! We’re really trying to finish Poker Academy 2.5, which is now over a month behind schedule. Our afternoon beta testing phase went smoothly. I was saying that if the Online Mutli-Table Tournament crashed one more time, I was going to be joining the pigeons out on my window ledge. Thankfully, it worked quite well today. Around 7pm I had a brief pause from coding to be interviewed for a radio station (out in Minnesota or something).

Calories were probably a little high. Close to 2000 by my estimate, but it’s hard to tell. I had a blueberry banana smoothy (270) for breakfast, Butter Chicken, Potatoes, Chic Peas, and Naan (900) for lunch, an Orange (60) in the afternoon, and a Subway sub for dinner (800). The sub I know was close to 800, but the curry meal for lunch I am only guessing. It depends how much unknown oil was in there, but I think 900 is a reasonable estimate.

This is awfully hard to write — lying in bed with the laptop and my cat has chosen to sit on my chest, making it hard to type. Time to stop and get some rest.

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  1. Amy Wright / Feb 10 2006


    I’ve followed your blog for a while, but never got around to downloading your Cron-o-meter until today – I LOVE IT! It’s really easy to use – way easier than most of the free websites I’ve seen. This is clearly going to be my weapon of choice for nutritional analysis. Thanks for making it a free download! I’ll be sure to click on your ad links, if it helps you out revenue-wise. Keep up the excellent work.


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