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Feb 6 2006 / Aaron

Blood and Pee-pee #2

A few days more than a year since I started the CRON diet, I had my second blood test taken. I just picked up the results today. It was mildly annoying that I couldn’t just pick up a photo-copy of my report. They get sent to the doctor that ordered them, and they won’t let you see the results without actually seeing the doctor. Which means taking at least an hour out of today to go there and wait just to get permission to see my report. This is a downside to public healthcare…. But I digress.

Some highlights. Cholesterol of 2.82 mmol/L (9 months ago it was 2.93), which is apparently the lowest my doctor could recall seeing. Triglycerides were slightly lowered than 9 months ago. My HDL was slightly higher (1.07), and LDL slightly lower (1.42). Everything else looked very close to the previous test.

I had my homocysteine measured for the first time, which was at 9.9 umol/L. As far as we know, the ideal value for this is 0.0, but less than 12 umol/L is considered ‘healthy’. I also had a total blood protein test which my doctor suggested as he was concerned a low cal diet could be too low in protein. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem with my diet as I eat a lot of high protein foods and I’m not vegan.

The biggest dissapointment is the result listed under ‘Urine Colour/Turbidity’ : Unremarkable.

*Sniff*. I have unremarkable urine? That hurts, man. That really hurts.


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  1. bilge / Feb 7 2006

    Suggest you drink flourescent dye before the next urine test.

  2. willie / Feb 8 2006

    When I have a urine analysis, I always have a dinner of one pound of boiled beetroot the night before (I’m not kidding 🙂 ) so the pee-pee is actually shining pink the next morning. The laboratory people always get amazed!

    Congratulations for having such a good CRON trip. And thanks a lot for your CRON-o-METER. I like it a lot.

  3. Sam / Feb 9 2006

    At least your poos are still remarkable. You can still clog a toilet, CRON or no CRON!

  4. Sam / Feb 10 2006

    Willie, that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long time! Maybe only because I’ve done it (on accident), and it’s true. It actually scared the heck out of me the first time. Every time after, it’s just a great joke to play on lab techs!

  5. treand / Mar 3 2006

    hey whats up you digglingdsa

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