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Jan 23 2006 / Aaron


Today marks my 1 year CRONiversary (1 year calorically restricted). I must remember to schedule some bloodwork soon to see how thngs have changed. I’ll finally have two points … enough to plot a line! 1 year ago today I was 184 pounds. Today I am 147 pounds. My blood pressure was in 150/90, and today it is 118/72. I feel far better than I did a year ago, and and sleep better. It’s been fun and exciting learning new ways to cook and eat that are more considerate to one’s body. Here’s to year two. Cheers!


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  1. kronecker delta / Jan 23 2006

    Congrats on making it a year without dying.

    At this rate, you’ll be 110 pounds by 2007; and by 2010, you’ll be -1 pounds.

    Maybe you should keep a jelly doughnut behind glass, in case of emergency.

  2. brugha / Jan 24 2006


    Well done

    (I see the flat earthers are out in force)

  3. april / Jan 24 2006

    Yippie!!! And you look fabulous!


  4. sam / Jan 24 2006

    Yay, Aaron! Got any before and after pics? 😉

  5. matt - uk / Jan 26 2006

    Good job Aaron!

  6. aGe / Jan 27 2006

    Congrats Aaron. I need to start making smarter choices with the food i put in my body, both quantity and quality.

  7. Willie / Feb 1 2006

    Congratulations, dear [FR]iend (for [F]ood [R]estricted ;)!

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