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Jan 20 2006 / Aaron

First Human Caloric Restriction Medical Study Results

One of the criticisms of the CR-diet is that it has primarily been studied in mice and other small mammals. It is a large leap to assume the dramatic results in these animals will carry over to humans. Studies of this nature on humans are difficult because we already live so long. Fortunately, some have been underway. Dr. Luigi Fontana’s study has been tracking some people for several years and today a paper was published on the cardiovascular health of Caloric Restriction dieters verus a control group (a standard North American style diet). Middle-aged CR-Dieters had the hearts and cardiovascular health of people 15 years younger. This is some of the first hard-scientific results from a long-term study of Caloric Restriction in humans. I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots more interesting results in the next few years.


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  1. scientist / Jan 20 2006

    So, CR dieters are, in general, people who look after their health? Shocking.

    _Shocking_, I say.

    "Correlation does not imply causality". This is my mantra.

  2. Musician / Jan 23 2006

    Dear scientist, you are really annoying, and while you may feel pretty smart about leaving rude annonymous comments on a harmlessly interesting blog, you really just sound very lonely and self-indulgent. Correlation in causality? Maybe.

    _Shocking_,I say.

  3. kronecker delta / Jan 23 2006

    scientist was not being rude. he or she was simply pointing out, in an amusing way, the logical flaw in the study.

    for all we know, scientist may have invented the CRON diet, and might love it dearly — almost as much as a clarinet solo.

  4. Musician / Jan 24 2006

    Well put, i think I was just in one of those moods to take offense to anything…yeah, it is true, I can be a total bitch sometimes…I take it all back, in the name of poor mental health due to stress and not using the CRON diet.


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