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Jan 8 2006 / Aaron

Powerless, Wireless

About an hour ago the power in our neighborhood went out … looks like just on our block as the next block over there are lights on. Amazingly, my laptop is picking up a faint open wireless signal, probably from a few blocks thither hence I have nothing better to do than post now. My battery is at about 92% so I should have a few hours.

We really stumbled around in the dark here. It was pitch black. Thankfully I have my awesome little keychain LED light in my pocket. We found some tealights in the basement, and then we found our two tealight lanterns. And with those, we managed to dig around in my hiking gear, also in the basement, and finally found our hiking head-mounted LED flashlights (these are awesome gadgets). I know that I’m gonna have to put all this crap in an easy to find location for next time.

If this goes on much longer, I’m gonna chill with a Vonnegut book my brother gave me for Xmas (Player Piano).

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