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Nov 25 2005 / Aaron

My Birthday Dreams Come True

Tomorrow marks my 27th voyage around the sun. As is customary on this strange planet, my co-workers surprised me at lunch today with a gift. It’s something I’ve been asking for for years. When people ask me for impossible things, or “wouldn’t it be nice” features for the software, I can often be heard asking loudly, nay, demanding that I WANT A PONY.

On more than one occasion it had been threatened that I’d better be careful what I wish for. Well today my dreams came true.

It was a good day in many respects. I clobbered b money at foozball, and won our afternoon inter-office poker tournament. And I got a pony. I still want my wowwipop.

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  1. Samuel / Nov 26 2005

    Ooooooo…a Palamino..why yes, they’re beautiful!

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