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Nov 17 2005 / Aaron

With Dentures

Saw Nine Inch Nails last night (the With Teeth Tour). Booyeah. NIN was my favorite band in high school, so it was a treat. Mind you, I’ve not cared much for anything since The Downward Spiral. Trent looked funny with a buzz-cut. He’s getting old.

The opener was a Toronto two-man band called Death From Above 1979, with the drummer doing vocals, and the guitarist also working in the occasional keyboards — very cool sound and entertaining to watch. I was quite impressed. I had not heard their stuff before, but I’ll definately be shopping for a few tracks on iTunes.

The feature opening act was Queens of the Stone Age, a pretty decent band but nothing that excites me too much. The best part of their show was when the front-man stopped the show to smack-talk a heckler for a few minutes.

Middle of the NIN show, it got shut-down for 10 minutes by the Rexall security folks because the front crowd barricade had been destroyed (let me tell you it was hard to breathe down there in the thick of the crush). We all backed up two feet and let them repair the barricade, like good little Canadians.

Q: How do you get 100 Canadians out of a swimming pool?
A: Say “Hey you Canadians, get out of the pool”.

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