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Nov 14 2005 / Aaron

The Cat Door: Part I

Yesterday evening, J came over and we set up his tools in my garage and began goofing around with amateur carpentry.

The stairs to the basement lead from the kitchen area. With the basement door open, it blocks access through the hall way into the living room, and also lets the ruccus of my basement den (computer games, TV, loud obnoxious music) up the stairs. But, we can’t keep this door closed because Vega, our darling cat would not be able to get down to her litterbox and would end up crapping in our bed or something.

So that being the case, the plan is to build a little cat door so we can keep it closed and kitty can still crap freely. I’m thinking about a little beaded curtain instead of a flap, but that wouldn’t be too sound proof. But, OH the GLAMOUR!

So last night we got as far as cutting the hole, and cutting the oak trim to size Well, we’re not sure about how good we did for the sizing…we’ll see when we try the next step which is to attach the frame.

The Hole with oak top ledge inserted

The Oak Trim, cut and Laquered

And yes, I wrote this blog entry while waiting for my mega-muffins to bake.

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  1. mamuma / Nov 14 2005

    Good work boys! A little light plexi glass /plastic cut and hung in the slot (it can swing on 2 tiny hinges) saw that at someone’s house.. also you can buy some kits ready made somewhere to insert i n the door too.

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