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Nov 8 2005 / Aaron

Good Morning Poker Surprise Goodness

It’s been an interesting week on the Poker Academy front. Yesterday there was an article about the UofA Poker Research group on the front page of the Edmonton Journal. We’re also expecting a write-up about the group and Poker Academy in this week’s Maclean’s Magazine.

Then, this morning we saw the new flash-based site for Expekt Poker Academy, which is a re-branded version of Poker Academy marketed for retail in Scandinavian countries. The coolest part is their tv ad [quicktime] which totally surprised me — it looks like it had a pretty stellar budget. Kick-ass!


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  1. darse / Nov 10 2005

    Although I haven’t had a TV for 9 years, and hate advertising of all kinds, it does put a different perspective on things when it’s your baby that is the subject of the ad…

    And the commercial doesn’t even suck!


  2. bilge / Nov 11 2005

    It was fun … I noticed that it could be used with voice-over in any language. You never see the ‘hero’s’ lips move. Enuff sed.

  3. Andrzej Kolinski / Jan 11 2006


    A few weeks back I wrote you a message asking about possibility of your Poki Poker from my website. I guess you did not get this letter.

    I run two bridge club here in Toronto, a bunch of our members is also into poker. I would like to make your Poki Poker available to them straight from To do so I need additional Java class files, I guess. (I am not a programmer, but I was already able to install successfully another Java applet with some help from a creator, please take a look:

    Could it be done, Aaron?

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