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Nov 3 2005 / Aaron

Why yes, as a matter of fact I DID bake muffins today

Yup. Muffins = Blog Post. The two are so highly correlated now that the simple act of baking muffins triggers my natural blogging reflex. I had a fairly productive day. I blasted through a fair bit of coding at work, and then at home made dinner, muffins, installed a fire alarm, and a bunch of other housey things.

Today was a huge day for my charity of choice, the MPrize. An anonymous donor added a sweet $1,000,000 to the prize pool. That should help get the bunsen burner going under some reasearcher’s bottoms. It’s atrocious that so little scientific study has been done on trying to figure out why the human body steadily falls apart as we age past young adulthood. Not only is it a degenerative disease that every single human suffers, but it is the root cause of a majority of other age-related diseases that kill 100,000 people per day. Modern medicine has poured huge effort into patching these diseases, instead of working at understanding and fixing the underlying cause of the diseases. From a purely mathematical perspective, it’s a far better benefit per dollar spent on researching the aging process, then on researching specific byproducts of aging like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers, and so on… Hoorah! Hopefully this is only the first of many donations from people from the planet of hefty wallets.

I must now humbly end this post so that I may dive back into Call of Duty 2, which my poor computer can barely handle. I just swapped in a newer graphics cards, but the game still crawls when there is a lot of smoke or dust on the screen. I suspect this is all calculated by the CPU, which could use an upgrade.


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  1. Matt / Nov 7 2005

    Call of duty 2 run at around 15 fps on my pc! Time for an upgrade for me too!

  2. Jim Online / Nov 8 2005

    Prevention is the most effective cure, right? These diseases that affect the body need to be researched thoroughly. Good luck with the charity!

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