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Oct 29 2005 / Aaron

Almost …. there … almost …

We’ve nearly finished the move (ok, in some ways NOT EVEN CLOSE) but all of our stuff is moved to the house, and we need to finish cleaning the apartment this weekend. It will be weeks to finish unpacking, I’m sure. I took some photos of the house, but I have no clue where my USB cable got packed so I can’t get the pictures off for the time being. I can share with you the real estate photo of the front of the house as I have that on my ‘pewter:

It’s great to get out of the apartment and have so much more space for the junk I’m too packrattish to throw away. Anyhoo, back to unpacking and scrubbing and the like…


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  1. Chris / Oct 29 2005

    You know, I really should have offered to help out.

    Sorry about that.


  2. maion / Oct 30 2005

    Yeah to Mitch if that’s the Chris who’s talking?
    Leah Papa and I am overjoyed that you are now IN! .. Mamuma

  3. bilge / Oct 30 2005

    … and you have a way cool toboggan run down the left side of the roof!

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